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A prom is a party for you to get your best dress and hairstyle. If you have prepared your dress, remember that your hairstyle is as important as the dress. Especially, for those whose hair is long, they get a plus point since there are many hairstyle ideas to opt. Thus, to give you some inspiring hairstyle ideas for a prom, go on to check the gallery below. Then, choose the one which will you take for your prom tonight!

Updo Hairstyle

Updo hairstyle is one of recommended ideas for you whose hair is long. This hairstyle gives you elegant look. As well as, it surely makes you be the center of everyone’s attention. Moreover, you can add braid, messy style, or highlight to make it more interesting.

High updo blonde hairstyle with messy look is simple and easy to do
Beautiful black curly updo hairstyle for wedding ideas also match for any official events.
Mixed updo hairstyle for formal occasions with its intricate weave of locks, absolutely the best hairstyle for you.
Trendy casual look updo hairstyle and brown straight hair with highlights, to give confident style in every event.
Crystal hairpin with awesome messy updo hairstyle for thick long hair that look voluminous bun, absolutely be a perfect hairstyle.
Straight hair shines in updo hairstyle, look so neat and beautiful for brown thick hair with highlight.

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Top high updo light brown hairstyle with elegant earrings, will make you look pretty with this hairstyle.
Bond braid crown updo hairstyle for brown long hair looks elegant for you
Brown thick hair with highlights with braid crown hairstyle combined with updo bun hairstyle.
Huge messy updo bun with braid crown hairstyle for black thick hair, absolutely be a perfect hairstyle.
Tiny braid tail updo hairstyle with half blonde hair color that looks fancy also gives you beautiful look.

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Half Updo Hairstyle

The next hairstyle you can opt for your prom references is half updo. It is the way to keep your hair in a fancy look without being too much formal. Thus, you can have it for some casual events. Furthermore, this kind of hairstyle bring elegance for any length and types of hair. With braid tieback, twist, or half updo bow, all styles are trendy.

Easy and Creative Half Updo hairstyle with long blonde hair combined with wavy look hairstyle.
Braid tieback or brown hair combined with wavy hair that looks beautiful hairstyle.
Adorable blonde half updo hairstyle and braid tieback to make enhance your hairstyle.
Perfectly sweet half up bow hairstyle for brown long hair with highlights and wavy at the end.
Fancy French and Fishtail Braids hairstyle and half-updo for long wavy hairstyle.
Street style approved half updo hairstyle for black long hair with messy look gives you natural beauty.
Lazy half-updo blonde long hair and messy look hairstyle, absolutely make a perfect combination for unique look.
Spiraled half updo hairstyle for straight brown long hair gives easy style yet awesome look hairstyle.
Voluminous Bouffant Half-Updo hairstyle, for thick blonde hair with wavy look and little bit messy.
Messy braids and waves with blonde long hair and flower style, that will give voluminous look
Half down updo with flower hairstyle and long brown hair with two tone colors and little bit wavy hairstyle.

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In addition, half updo hairstyle is sometimes called as mermaid-look style. Seeing it brings us to imagine how a mermaid’s hairstyle be in some fairy tales. Additionaly, with two tones colors, both updo or half updo hairstyle will look perfect. On the other hands, these two hairstyles never fails you on your prom because they are great to combine with beachy waves, a fresh face, and chic jewelry.

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