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10 Incredible Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Having thick hair gives you a plus point for your whole look. There are some women who even do any treatment to have thick hair. Thick hair will create a voluminous impression to support your hairdo every day. But, some women feel that having thick hair is sometimes challenging to decide the appropriate hairstyle and hairdo. Thus, in the following gallery, we offer you some references of hairstyles and hairdo for your thick hair.

Short Layered Hairstyle

For those who want to look simpler and want to save more time to do hair treatment, short layered hairstyle can be the best option. Besides, this hairstyle fits for women in all ages. With a touch of messy or highlight style, you will look fresh with this kind of hairstyle.

This hairstyle is one of the trendiest style for those whose hair is short. It keeps you fresh. Though this is short hairstyle, it does not mean you cannot be feminine. You are possible to add highlight or do coloring your hair.

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Feathered Haircut

Feathered haircut is a style of hair that offers a layered cut resembles with a layer of feathers. Its waves make those whose hair is thick more beautiful with this effortless haircut. Indeed, this haircut is typically cut in a V-shape using a razor to make a texture for your thick hair.

Layered hairstyle fits both casual or formal occasions. If you want to go hang out, you can casually have this hairstyle. In contrast, if you want to have this hairstyle for your work hairstyle combined with your formal outfits, it will be a great idea as well.

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Straight Bob with Layers

For reaching the impression of fresh, rested, and glamour, straight bob with layers seems to be your great choice. Thick hair does not require curling wand to look textured and voluminous. Thus, this hairstyle can be your best reference to save your time in front of the mirror. On the other hands, the shorter pieces in the back give a lovely look so that it fits for women at any ages.

Straight hair has some advantages. One of them is it fits to any hairstyles and hairdos. You can easily have any hairstyle like this straight bob with layers. With this kind of hairstyle will totally make you chic combined with your outfits.

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Twisted Crown Braid

Besides, thick hair allows you to get some braided hairdo. Twisted crown braid is one of the example. This hairdo is started from making braid and pull it up to make a crown-like. For a vintage style or prom hairstyle, this hairdo guarantees you a mesmerizing touch.

The next advantage of having straight and thick hair is that you can express your hairstyle through braid hairdo. Twisted braid hairdo is like the previous hairdo that allows you to bring it in both casual or formal events. Additionally, you can have this hairdo for going to a party.

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Pull-Through Braid Hair

Again, thick hair has lots of hairdo choices. And, this is really a plus point. Moreover, for a long thick hair, pull-through braid hairdo exactly gives you an amazing touch. You can have the one with ponytail or into a bun. Both of them never fail you to go day or night outs.

Look! Is that cute? With this pull-through braid hair, thick hair will present a perfect look for you. It is no matter what your hair type and length, for someone whose hair is thick, this hairdo seems to be unique yet mesmerizing. This hairdo makes you look like a princess now.

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Actually, thick hair makes you possible to have unique hairstyle and hairdo. But, sometimes women get it challenging to do styling and maintenance. With a right hairstyle or hairdo, thick hair will give a festive look for any events. So, be stylish with your thick hair!

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