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32 Fashion Items You Should Start Investing in Your 40s

Welcoming the age 40 also means that you are adjusting the way you look at your age. It’s no longer times for items like tube-top, sequin dresses, or even those old sorority t-shirts.

If you are wondering what kind of fashion items that would be more age-appropriate for you, these are some tips fashion for over 40.

1. Classy Scarves

A scarf can spice up your look even when you’re only wearing a fitted t-shirt or a turtleneck. Add a classy touch by buying the high-end brands to upgrade your look. Sling it over your neck or tie it to a front ribbon—it just works every time. 

A classy white scarf combined with a striped shirt and ripped black pants.
A blazer paired with sparkling black pants and black shoes.
A patterned coat with a sparkling gray shirt and black pants.
A striped shirt with a black blazer and black flats.

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A patterned dress with a brown handbag and brown ankle boots.

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A white shirt combined with a classy floral print scarf.
A white cardigan combined with classy scarves in green and purple flower print.

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2. Stylish Sandals

Stylish leather sandals can be really effective not to make you look like a teenager. Instead, invest leather sandals to engage the classy look. Even though it might has a formal impression but you don’t need to worry. You can still look really chill with the right design.  

A black dress combined with a black sling bag and black sandals.
Polkadot shirt combined with a vertically striped skirt and black strappy sandals.
T-shirt combined with jeans, black and brown sandals.

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A jeans jacket paired with a leather skirt striped top and black strappy sandals.
Purple turtleneck sweater combined with ripped jeans and black strappy sandals.
Oversized and striped shirt combined with brown strappy sandals.

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3. Trench Coats

Trench coat in camel or beige color gives a mature look for any woman. It is timeless and can be a staple outer when you left the house. Sure, good quality of trench coat can cost you a fortune but think about its durability—which is why it is called as a fashion investment.

Blue shirt combined with jeans shorts and black ankle boots.
Black sling bag combined with nude high heels and accessories.
Polkadot shirt combined with sparkling black trousers and black strappy sandals.
Layered tops combined with jeans and flat trousers.
Black turtleneck sweater combined with a large handbag and black flats.

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Oversized white shirt combined with cream pants and beige flats.
Whitetop with short jeans skirt and black strappy sandals.

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4. Flared Denim

Though flared denim seems like out of style, there is something about it that makes you look sophisticated and elegant. Good news for those who fall under the “short” category, the flare jeans make you appear slimmer and taller. 

Blouse tops combined with flared denim pants and black flats.
Gray shirt combined with flared denim pants and brown knitted handbag.
Gray shirt combined with black flared denim pants and black sling bag.
White crop-top combined with flared denim pants and black shoes.

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Jeans jacket combined with flared denim pants and a white top.

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5. A Tailored Suit

Forget dresses for formal events, and you can now flaunt a tailored suit and look cool in it. Colors to try are black, white, beige, and even those with striped pattern. A suit makes you look tough, classy, and masculine. 

A pink suit paired with pink pants and a brown sling bag.
Simple style inspiration using blazer and velvet pants. Here, you can match the beauty of beaded high heels.
An elegant style where you can wear a blazer and striped pants. Then, to match the overall look, you can wear white sneakers.
Black suit and pants with matching floral motifs combined with white tops. To make it look elegant, you can add a classy handbag.
The white blazer is paired with soft white pants for an ordinary formal style.
Floral printed black blazer and pants suit you when you are a guest at a formal ceremony. It was decorated with black flats on the legs for a more beautiful look.
Inspiring business attire where you can wear a blazer and white pants. For a more beautiful and classy look, wear gold high heels and unique bags

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There are other tips fashion for over 40 that will help you in deciding what to wear. With the fashion items investment above, you surely will rock your new age flawlessly.