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For women, don’t just stay in the home. however, you have to start moving out of the house to work. As a hard-working woman, hot, rain or falling snow is not a barrier to going to work. Because it is indeed a demand that must be accounted for. And the important thing is, even though the seasons always change but you have to keep your appearance.

Appearance is something that must be considered for women. In addition like makeup that will make you more beautiful, there is one thing you must also pay attention to. That is the work outfit that you are wearing. And, for those of you who don’t like something that too complicated, you can choose casual work outfit. It will make you comfortable while working but still looks cool and fashionable like the pictures below.

Casual look with white shirt and blue trousers. For accessories, you can wear sunglasses, necklace, high heels and a blue bag.
Grey suit and complete with black bag are very elegant but casual for women’s work outfit.
Green plaid suit with tanktop as the inner looks so stunning and casual. In addition, you can wear necklace, mini bag, and stunning high heels.
Very casual look with white blazer, leggings and high heels. It’s also look stylish. You must try it.
Casual but feminine with wrap coat, shirt, skirt and black high heels. It’s so stunning with black bag held on the hand.
Simple and casual women’s work outfit with shirt, leather jacket, denim and leopard flat shoes. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, watches and bag.
Fresh appearance with blank-white polka dot shirt, pink patterned trouser and beige high heels. For accessories, you can wear sunglasses, a necklace, watches and a yellow clutch.
Stunning but casual appearance with a plaid blazer, white shirt, denim, high heels and handbag.

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Colorful women’s work outfit with white blazer, patterned shirt and pink skirt. And to make it casual, you can wear green flat shoes.
Very casual but neat appearance with a blazer, shirt, legging and long boots. It’s suitable to wear in winter. And don’t forget to wear a scarf.

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Casual work outfit with dark blue blazer, grey sweater, white denim and leopard flat shoes.

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Feminine appearance with a floral dress and long black boots. And use handbag as the sweatener.
Work outfit with a peach suit that completes with belt. It looks casual for the flat shoes.
Casual but girly appearance work outfits with white shirt and mini black skirt.
Casual work outfit with a T-shirt, plaid skirt. sneakers and hand bag.
Very cute work outfit with peach plaid suit, t-shirt as the inner, mini handbag and pink flat shoes. It also makes the appearance more feminine.
Stripped shirt and denim as the casual work outfit added with cute flat shoes.
Red sleeveless dress with a white t-shirt and sneakers that make you look very casual but still girly.
Red shirt combined with a denim skirt and white high heels is very recommended to try. Dont’ forget to carry tote bag.
Simple and casual work outfit with white t-shirt, green skirt and white boots.
Yellow striped shirt, grey striped trousers, kitten heels, and mini handbag become the casual work office that women must try.
Floral dress with a mini handbag and white sneakers is very suitable for you who want casual but girly appearance.
Peach midi dress combined with a dark blue blazer is very cute appearance for a work outfit. In addition, you can wear peach kitten heels and handbag.

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Plaid suit combined with black mules and red handbag becomes a casual appearance for women’s work outfit.
Casual combination between a black t-shirt, beige skirt, plaid high heels and leather jacket on the shoulders.
Combination of a striped blazer, white t-shirt, black denim and sneaker that look so casual.
Feminine but casual appearance with a grey sweater, mini green skirt, platform shoes and hand bag.
Casual appearance with a pink suit, t-shirt, and sneaker for you to wear in the work.
Green jumpsuit combined with sneakers and leather jacket that make you look so casual.

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Oversized orange sweater, black skirt, white boots and clutch on the hand very looks casual that you must try.

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With casual work outfit, it will make you more comfortable of course. Actually, the most important thing in wearing casual work outfit is how to mix and match it. When you can mix and match in the best way, then a casual but still neat appearance will be created. As in one of the pictures above, you can combine shirt, blazer, black trousers, scarf and boots as your works outfit in winter. And, casual also doesn’t have to wear trousers, you can also wear a dress that is combined with a blazer. That will create a girly but casual look.

So, for you women who wear work outfit every day. Don’t let you look boring with a monotonous outfit. Collect all of your work outfit that you have, and try wearing a casual outfit that will change your appearance. Besides being able to get comfortable, wearing a casual work outfit will also make you stay stylish. If you are confused in mix and match, you can use the pictures above as your reference.

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