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Girls have hundred ideas of cute teenage outfits to wear everyday. They even can express their own sense of fashion through their daily outfits. Furthermore, they can be inspiring trend setters among their friends. Though they sometimes have a simple style, but teenage fashion is interesting to deal with. Some of the examples are presented below.


Trousers are one of easy outfits which are friendly-matched with any tops. Moreover, by wearing trousers, teens can express their mood toward some styles like casual, minimalist, or even Korean style outfits. Get your trousers combined with tanktop or T-shirt for a summer day-out. And, you can pair trousers with an oversized T-shirt for a Korean style outfit idea.

Black tank top combined with cream trousers and sunglass keeps you in a casual way. The black bag is the perfect accessories
Off-shoulder top with vertical striped motif combined with black trousers give a fashionable look
Red punch trousers give a brave impression. The white t-shirt makes a simple yet elegant look
White tank top combined with black long pants to look more sporty yet simple
Striped tank top and black long pants are the options to keep you on a sporty look
Black trousers and sleeveless peach blouse for a summer day-out
All-black outfits combining black pants, cropped top, and a black leather jacket for a perfect funky look
Cream trousers combined with a navy sweater will make you look edgy in winter
Get a charming look by combining your oversized T-shirt and black trousers. Sneakers make perfect preppy outfits
White long-sleeved T-shirt and black trousers for a casual yet sporty outfits idea
Knitted tank top with trousers in the same color tone brings a chic outfit idea

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Don’t think that a blazer is only worn in a formal official way. But, teens can wear a blazer for a casual event or as a college outfit. For example, a blazer is one of fashionable preppy outfits. It looks great to combine with dress, sneakers and shocks. Likewise, teens may wear a blazer as layered outfits in winter combined with a dress and ankle boots.

Over the knee boots combined with a black blazer to make an awesome outfit for a more formal look
Long beaded dress and black blazer for your outfit of the day in winter
All-black outfit combining wearing a black blazer and black clothes. The boots get you mesmerizing
White blazer combined with a dark cream dress can be the option for a college outfit idea
Blue jeans and dark grey blazer for a confident look on any occasion
A green blazer combined with green trousers get a casual look with a pair of white sneakers
Navy blazer completes your preppy outfits with sneakers
Vertical stripes blazer with an all-black suit for a chic look
Checkered blazer and cream pants look casual yet elegant for a college outfit
Chic style with short pants and cream blazer for a perfect college outfit
Cream blazer and trousers for an edgy and fashionable look

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After knowing some chic teenage outfits ideas with trousers and blazer, now you surely get more references. By combining trousers with any tops you can express your mood and style for any occasions or seasonal events. Besides, wear a blazer for a perfect look of party or college outfits. Thus, it will keep you on tidier look even though you match it with casual outfits. Well, have a nice day, girls!

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