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For some people, never in a million way, they will put baggy cardigan at the top of the ‘what to wear’ list. The piece, known for its huge pocket, is tricky. When you do the wrong mix and match, that will become a fashion faux pas, which makes your body looks fatter than it should be.

However, you shall not feel intimidated by baggy cardigans. Looks beautiful with a baggy cardigan that is not like boiling the ocean.

Check out these dos and don’ts for mixing and matching baggy cardigans so you won’t seem like a punchbag:

1. Dos: Leggings

Don’ts: Bulky Pants

green knit cardigan for your style combined with black leggings and combined with a knee-high leather boot to look elegant
Knit cardigan and long denim shirt combined with black leggings to make you comfortable to do your activities this season.
Beige knit cardigan and a long denim shirt combined with black leggings and brown leather knee-high boot.

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Unique cardigan in blue blouse motif with a combination of black leggings and leather boot. To make it looks casual you can add sunglasses as the accessories.
Black cardigan and gray T-Shirt with black leggings combined with sneakers so you can look casual to increase your confidence.

Image Source

The inspiring style by wearing a dark gray cardigan and black leggings. To make it looks simple you can choose black boots for the simple and harmonious impression.
Beige knit cardigan and long white knit shirt combined with gray leggings. Then, if you want to look beautiful, add handbag accessories for you to carry around.

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Cute pink knit cardigan combined with black leggings and knee-high leather boot for your style.

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Want to do some mix and match over baggy cardigan and pants? Consider opt tight pants. These pants can be a balance to a baggy cardigan that swells.

Conversely, never think to wear bulky pants, especially if you are below average in height. You will look short fatter. Of course, nobody wants to look like that in real life.

2. Dos: Short Pants

Don’ts: Short Skirt

Relaxed style inspiration by wearing floral cardigans with short and white denim T-Shirts. Moreover, to complete your style you can add round hat accessories.

Image Source

Black cardigan and brown T-shirt that can be combined with denim short. Then, if you want to protect your feet from the weather, you can wear black leggings.

Image Source

Casual style by wearing black cardigan and gray T-shirt combined with denim shorts. After that, to make your style harmonious you can also wear black leggings and suede boots.

Image Source

Black cardigan and green blouse with a combination of ripped short denim and suede boot for your style to be comfortable for your activities.

Image Source

Gray cardigan and white T-Shirt that mix with denim shorts and black ankle boot. After that to look beautiful you can add a round hat and sling bag accessories for your style.

Image Source

Long striped cardigan and white T-Shirt combined with denim pants. In addition, if you want to look beautiful you can add classy handbag accessories and unique shoes for your style.

Image Source

A gray cardigan that uses gray T Shirt to match your cardigan. Those outfit will be perfect if you wear the denim short.

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Floral cardigan and white T-Shirt combined with ripped denim shorts to match. If you want to look elegant you can add a classy leather sling bag and necklace for your style.

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Baggy cardigan, when combined with short skirts, that can make an unbalanced proportion for the body. Hence, you might avoid short skirts when you decide to wear a baggy cardigan.

For a casual look and to gain good body proportions, you might consider short pants. Short pants will make a baggy cardigan a good fashion statement.

Moreover, this piece will give you a slimmer, higher body impression

3. Dos: crop top / u can see

Don’ts: long shirt

White cardigan and a white crop top to make it looks beautiful. Add sunglasses accessories and sling bags to beautify your look.

Image Source

Black cardigan and white crop top combined with shorts for your relaxed style when you do the outdoor activities.
White cardigan combined with striped tops and gray short pants that added with sunglasses to complement your style.

Image Source

Simple pink cardigan and black crop top combined with denim pants. Then, to look casual you can wear sneakers and sunglasses.

Image Source

Plaid cardigan and a white top combined with a unique pattern skirt and leather black house for you to look pretty.
Floral cardigan and black crop top combined with denim shorts and black ankle boots so that you can look cool.

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When you pick a baggy cardigan from your cabinet, your body will automatically look bigger than it should be. Yet, avoid wearing large, bulging clothes on the arms for the inner.

The best choice to be featured inside a baggy cardigan is a crop top or u can see that doesn’t give a strain on the arms. Both of those pieces can also balance a baggy cardigan that looks heavy outside.

Now you know that baggy cardigans aren’t the enemy for eye-catchy looks; it is stylish as long as you know how to treat it.  

Another good news? This outfit is an easy, affordable choice for any interesting events, both formal and casual ones. Are you ready to look more stylish with a baggy cardigan?

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