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22 Casual Teenage School Outfit Ideas

School outfits are not always formal and sleek. There are some casual styles that give certain touch for school outfits. For girls, they are very expressive in facing a fashion trend. In this case, it is possible for them to infuse casual style into their school outfits with jeans, T-shirt, sweater, skirt, and so on. Well, to give them some examples of great ideas of school outfits in casual styles, the following gallery present 22 ideas to try.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans can be the first outfit that represent casual style of school outfits for teens. Commonly, jeans are worn for a casual event. But, by combining your jeans with top in an interesting way, we are sure that the combination can be your best school outfits. Moreover, ripped jeans can also be one of Korean style outfits for teen by combining them with a parka jacket and a T-shirt inside.

Light blue ripped jeans combined with cream long sleeve which is perfect outfit for you to going to school
Gingham sweater with ripped jeans are perfect combination for your school outfit to look trendy yet pretty.
Ripped denim jumpsuit and plaid shirt combined with sneakers will keep you cool
Dark ripped jeans with white t-shirt, and little black bag make you look simple yet awesome.
Striped t-shirt combined with ripped jeans that will give you casual look at school
Pinky t-shirt with white cap combined with blue ripped jeans that make you feel more stylish and beautiful
Yellow sneakers combined with ripped blue jeans will give you beautiful look. The green army parka jacket can be your best winter outfit.

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Jeans jacket and white t-shirt combine with ripped green jeans are perfectly good outfit for you to try.
Simple outfit for you who want to be simple by combining ripped jeans and t-shirt
Black long sleeve top and ripped jeans will keep you stylish
Ripped jeans and cropped top combuned with slip on to look simple and chic

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Additionally, sneakers are one of the footwear which offer a casual look for school outfits. Also, sneakers are flexible to combine with any tops and bottoms. For example, get your shirt and trousers. Then, pick your sneakers to look casually trendy. If you want to wear suit for a more formal look, sneakers balance your style with casual touch.

Shirt and pants keep you casually elegant with sneakerd
Checkered suit for casual look combined with sneakers will keep you simply funky

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Grey sweater and black pants give a simple yet cute school outfits combining with sneakers
A fabulous school outfit with stripes t-shirt and skinny pants make a perfect school outfit with sneakers
Yellow handbag combined with with pink skirt get you more eye-catching. The sneakers keep you on casual look
Pinky sneakers make your look impressive with green sweater and skinny pants.
Sneakers keep you on sporty look as well. They make your casual school outfits more perfect
Chic outfit combining skirt, oversized sweater, and sneakers in the same color tone
Black sneakers make you look confident with sporty look
Grey sweater with jeans will be the best outstanding outfit for going to school
Dark dress mixed with striped long sleeve t-shirt and sneakers will make you cute

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Well, both ripped jeans and sneakers are the two casual outfits for school. They create good combination of chic teenage outfits. Because at this age teens are possible to show their character trough the way they drees up, these casual school outfits help them to make it true. So, are you looking for best casual school outfits? Now, you get the answers.