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21 Inspiring Korean Teenage Outfit Ideas

Korean style has influenced fashion world since years. It brings new taste for everyone, both men and women, teens to adult, from the simplest to the most detail ones. In particular, teens have their euphoria to adopt this style into their daily outfits. Their Korean style seems to be interesting to discuss because there are lots ideas of chic teenage outfits to try. Some of them are presented as follows. We do really hope that these 21 pictures here will inspire and enrich your personal taste of Korean teenage outfits.

Short Skirt

In Korea, summer is the time of short skirt. It is also the time to create some street style with this kind of short skirt. Combining it with patterned tops sounds a good idea. Moreover, short skirt is usually worn as teenage school outfits. For example, you can easily try Korean style for your school outfits by picking your navy pleated short skirt and striped T-shirt. Get a navy long jacket and sneakers to make a perfect look.

Striped t-shirt combined with pleated short skirt, and long jacket will give you warm yet lovely Korean look.
Plaid short skirt and black boots combined with funky jacket give you Korean look
Simple yet chic Korean style with a white pleated short skirt and black jacket
Trendy blue short skirt and white shirt give a casual Korean look
White pleated skirt and white t-shirt for a casual school outfit idea
Korean look outfit idea for going to school which is chic and trendy
Black short skirt and navy sweater look stylish ombined with ankle boots

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Short Dress

Short dresses are the favorite outfits for summer in Korea. They make us possible to be impressive, fashionable, yet feminine. Furthermore, short dresses can be easily worn for casual or more formal events. Match your short dress with the appropriate shoes or purse to look even better. Additionally, off-shoulder dress can be your best option for a summer day-out.

Grey dress with layers that is suitable for you to go for a party, and will give you sweet yet fashionable look.
Off shoulder dress for you who want simple look yet trendy. A pair of gladiator sandals het you more casual
Light grey dress brings a Korean look combined with strapy sandals
Floral patterned off ahoulder dress fits for a summer day-out
White mini dress looks chic and cute for a date
Yellow dress with black high heels are good combination for a summer day-out
Tosca mini dress and slip on bring a simple Korean look

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Oversized Sweater

One more best outfits to make a perfect Korean style for teens is oversized sweater. This kind of sweater gives a casual impression that fits for teens’ daily style. What makes it more interesting is that its friendly-matched to combine with bottoms like denim shorts, skinny jeans, skirt, or pants. The following pictures prove you how an oversized sweater makes your Korean style more mesmerizing.

Oversized cream sweater combined with jeans and white sneakers will give you beautiful and casual look
Black Sweater combined with short denim skirt and sneakers make you look impressive
Funky sweater with short pants and black boots will be perfect outfit for you
White oversized sweater and black short pant will look perfect for your outfit of the day.
Soft pink oversized sweater combined with short skirt and long black shocks for your school outfits
Yellow oversized sweater combined with ripped jeans look simply casual with slip on
Orange oversized sweater combined with jeans and sneakers will give you a charming look

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Short skirt, short dress, and oversized sweater are the three examples of Korean style outfits that are commonly worn by teens. They help you tp enhance your daily look. On the other hands, Korean teenage outfits allows you to wear some accessories like bracellets or necklace. Get simple makeup will never fail you. So, be fashionable with many Korean teenage outfit ideas!

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