Winter Outfit

27 Best Mix and Match Winter Casual Office Looks

When we talk about an office outfit, only a few items reach the list. Cardigan is rarely considered as a suitable office outfit because it is less formal, but, why don’t make this piece works for the office, especially blue cardigan?

Check out these ideas to wear the cardigan in your office:

1. Classy Blue Cardigan

Wearing a cardigan will make you look more formal but still cozy. Opt for a short dress or skirt and a piece of the stocking. At first, it seems so strange and dull in theory, but when it gets real, you will realize, they are a perfect match!

classy blue cardigan combined with blue knit sweater and black leggings
Blue cardigan combined with black scarf, white sweater, light blue short skirt and black boot to make it looks amazing.

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blue cardigan with white blouse and polka dot skirt
This dark blue crop cardigan is combined with blue lace blouse and mini skirt
This classy blue cardigan is combined with floral blouse, denim mini skirt and black leggings

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light blue classy cardigan with white dress and green flatshoes
This classy light blue cardigan is suitable for working with polka dot blouse, black pants, and black high heels
Light blue cardigan combined with red floral dress, black pants and black flat shoes that looks beautiful.
Light blue cardigan with black and white striped shirt, a short black skirt, and a beige high heels.
Light blue cardigan applied with black dress in floral pattern and added with beige high heels.

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2. Printed Cardigan

Every single printed piece is a good way to spice things up. You can be bold, stylish, but not too much with the printed cardigan. Here, with the right combination, you can get a good balance with a printed cardigan.

dominant printed cardigan with black combined with white T-Shirt and black denim pants
printed cardigan in black and blue combined with a colorful dress
Patterned cardigan combined with black and white striped shirt, jeans and high knee boots.
Patterned cardigan combined with white shirt, ripped blue jeans and black boots.
Pattern cardigan combined with black t-shirt, black denim pants and black shoes.
White brown patterned cardigan with white sweater, gray pants and gray high heels.
Long black white cardigan combined with gray t-shirt, white pants and black high heels.
Black white cardigan combined with black sweater, gray short skirt, and black high knee boots.
Classic patterned cardigan with white shirt, black denim pants and black knee high boots.
White cardigan with black pattern, stripped t-shirt, black denim pants and black boots.

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3. Blue Cardigan with Trousers or Leggings

This is one of the most adaptive clothes that suit every occasion. It brings together all the pieces you choose and it gives a more refined impression. Make this piece more comfy and complementary by wearing a tight skirt, trousers, or leggings. Enhance a modern look with heeled booties if it is possible.

blue cardigan and the inside uses a gray T-Shirt and the bottom uses gray leggings
Long-sleeved blue cardigan combined with patterned white scarf, belt, gray pants and black shoes.

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Blue cardigan with buttons in striped t-shirt, blue ripped denim pants and white shoes.

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blue cardigan style combined with denim pants, black leggings and brown leather ankle boot

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Light blue cardigan plus a white t-shirt, white denim pants and high heels that make the appearance looks perfect.
Blue cardigan combined with white shirt, blue ripped denim pants and brown flat shoes for a simple style.
blue cardigan with white T-Shite, ripped jeans and flatshoes for your style

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What is your most favorite cardigan navy blue idea? The cardigans range in so many choices and you can get various looks by mixing and matching them with some different pieces. Now you know that there are many gorgeous things get out of your wardrobe!

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