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What kind of outfit style do you want in winter? The warmer one or the simpler one? Well, you know, you can even have those both styles at once by applying casual outfits ideas. In general, some people will have warmer and thicker outfits in winter. Also, the outfits material like cotton, wool, or velvet become more popular to fulfil the need of warmer outfits. Therefore, casual style knows it well and provides some references of winter outfits you may try this year. Check the following gallery to get ones!

Outfits With jacket

The most commonly and easy winter outfit is a jacket. We guarantee that everyone has this kind of warm outfit in their wardrobe. Additionally, wearing jacket can make you stylish because there are many kinds of jacket you can opt. A puffer jacket, leather, faux fur, parka, etc will offer you a warm yet fashionable style in winter. Pick your skinny jeans, long skirt, leggings, or pants to make a perfect look.

A pink puffer down jacket, pants, and a grey beanie for warm winter outfit idea.
A puffer a down jacket with a black pants and white top for casual look this winter.
A puffer jacket, a black turtleneck and denim pant are a goid idea for winter outfit.

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A faux fur jacket, black pants, a black top, and black boots for stylish look.
An army jackets, black pants, grey top, and sports shoes for casual look this winter.
A black puffer jacket, black pants, grey sweaters, brown boots, and a red beanie to look casual this winter.

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Outfits With Skirts

Winter is not a barrier for you to wear your skirt, particularly your mini skirt. Moreover, you can be more stylish with it. Also, it is possible for you to mix and match it with your tops. For instance, wear your black leather skirt and pair it with a long grey coat and black leggings. Then, go with a pair of ankle boots to look more fabulous.

A brown leather skirt, a black sweater, and a grey coat.
A mini skirt, with a sweater, a long black cardigan, and suede knee boots.
A plaid skirt, a grey sweater, a black coat and over the knee boots.
A plaid skirt, a white turtleneck sweater, and knee-high boots in black.
A tan knee skirt, a black leather jacket, and a grey scarf.
A front button mini skirt, a grey sweater, brown knee boots, and a Gucci sling bag.
A front button mini jeans skirt, brown sweater, black boots, and a white beanie.
A flared mini-black jeans skirt, brown turtleneck, and black knee boots.
A white buttoned front pencil skirt, oversized sweater, and strap heels.

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Outfits With Pants Or Jeans

The next idea comes from an interesting style which is commonly worn for casual look. Although the winter hits you with dropped temperature, pants and jeans will give you trendy look this season. Likewise, you can pair it with jacket, sweater, coat, or long cardigan. Furthermore, these two bottoms can be worn in both casual or formal events. Additionally, pick a scarf to look more impressive and get warmer.

Black pant, heel boot, a white coat, a plaid scarf, and a handbag.
Black pants, fur boots, a grey coat, a scarf, and a beanie.
Black pants, ivory over the knee boots, a black coat and faux fur scarf.
Blue jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and an olive green parka.
Blue jeans, black knee-length boots, and a white chunky knit sweater.
Blue pants, a brown turtleneck, brown knee boots, and a sling bag.
Leather pants, ankle boot, black knit sweater, and a cozy knit beanie.
Navy pants, a white sweater, a plaid blazer and burgundy flat shoes.
Black jeans, a blush coat, a beanie, and white converse.
Blue jeans, ugg boots, a sweatshirt, dark red handbag, and a denim jacket.

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In addition, you are possible to make your own style. You can express your own style for both day or night out winter outfits. For example, look casually formal with your skinny denim jeans, a white sweater, and a plaid grey blazer. Then, go with your flat shoes and sling bag for a feminine look. On the other hands, get an edgy look by wearing black pants, ivory over the knee boots, a black coat and faux fur scarf. This style brings you a trendy and inspiring idea for anyone.

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