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Your hair is the part of your body which makes your look more perfect. Besides, you can be creative and apply some hairstyles so that you look more beautiful. It does not really matter if you have short, medium, or long hair. With all types of hair, you can do simple and easy hairstyle at home by yourself. So, you can do it in minutes and ready to go.

Furthermore, this article shows you some examples of easy and simple hairstyles which will fit for any occasions both casual and formal, for thin hairdo or thicker one. Now, you do not need to be confused on what hairstyle appropriate for you because there are lots of elegant hairstyles you can opt. Therefore, go on to check them out!

Silver wavy long hair color and simple twisted braid crown.
Inflate light brown hair color with half updo and wavy hairstyle.
Super light brown long hair with wavy look hairstyle.
Two tone long hair color with highlights and braided crown half updo.
Strong wavy hair with braided crown and brown color hairstyle.
Messy wavy long hair with braids twist and two tone color hairstyle.
Charming brown hair color with wavy hair and braid crown.
Longest brown hair with flower braid and beautiful wavy hair.
Easy twist braid crown hair and brown little bit curly.
Expand style hairdo with wavy look and braid crown.
Waterfall curly hair with light brown color and braids.
Rose flower braid crown and long combination hair color.

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Big braid crown with blonde hair and little bit messy hairstyle.
Pull-through braid hair and on side hairdo.
Two braid crown hair with messy hair and blonde color hairstyle.
Light silver long hair with side big braid yet messy long hair.
Green bandana tie up long hair and little bit messy brown long hair.
Various braid with beautiful thick hair and long also brown color hairstyle.
Vertical braid hairstyle with messy long hair and blonde color.
Two tone hair color with braid crown and messy look hairstyle.
Deep blonde hair with braid hairstyle also messy long hair.
Strength blonde hair with two easy twist braid yet little bit messy hairstyle.
Butterfly braid hairstyle with blonde hair and pull-through braid at end.
Twin braid with updo hairstyle and blonde hair with highlights.

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High half-updo hairstyle with two tone hair color and messy hairstyle.
Pigtail with black ribbon and long wavy brown hairstyle.
Big pull-through braid hair and long blonde hair color.
Tiny braid crown hairstyle with medium hair yet little bit messy.
Perfect braid hairstyle with blonde hair also long hair.
Unique crown braid with light brown hair and wavy hairstyle.
Black hair with highlights and easy twist crown braid hairstyle.
Double twist braid with hairpin and messy brown hair with highlights.

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The half top knot with short black hair and highlights.
Knotted half-updo and straight hair with highlights.
Scarf it up with brown hair and unravel beautifully.
Black hair color with easy twist crown hairdo.
Interwoven braids with straight black long hair.
Boho chic braids and beautiful wavy light brown hair.
Elegant twist and long blonde hair with highlights.
Thin hair with braid to bun with little bit messy.
Thick brown hair with simple twist hairdo
Simple twisted hairdo with two tone hair color.
Accent braid and messy brown hair with highlights.
Chic short thick hair with black ribbon.
Black ribbon and straight middle brown hair.
Straight overlap brown hair with highlight.
Brainded crown and thick long hair with layered.
Flower braid with hair color combination of black and light brown.
Celtic knot and long messy blonde hair.
The low hun and black hair with brown highlight.

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Fishtail top knot with blonde hair color.
Messy but chic hair updo with very black hair.
Bohemian braids with light brown hair too.
French twist updo hairstyle for black hair.

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For a casual event, you can simply do updo hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle can be easily done in minutes and has a great finishing look. Moreover, you can have some braids with bow for a feminine look. Long hair surely gets it better with this style. Additionally, twisted hairstyle never fails your casual events. Not only long hair, but short and medium hair are possible to apply this hairstyle.

On the other hands, there are some examples of cute hairstyles as your references. For examples, for a night party you can have fishtail top knot hairstyle. It makes you look glamour with your long dress. Likewise, for a casual work hairstyle, long wavy hair with hairclip simply makes you pretty elegant. Also, pigtail hairstyle can be your next options. Give highlight or touch of color for your hairstyle for a more festive look.

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