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46 Types of Women Shoes that You Should Have

Jordan Geller was named the owner of most shoes by Guinness World Records 2013 after having a collection of 2,504 pairs of shoes. However, life shouldn’t be spent just to collect shoes alone, is not it? You’re not like Jordan Galler who collects a variety of shoes, because in fact you only need to collect some types of shoes below.

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30 Beautiful Pastel Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring is coming, be sure to look pretty during spring. You can try to wear pastels color and feminine floral to get the best spring look. We have round-up some outfit ideas with pastel color below to inspire your spring look. Whether you are planning to brunch with family and friends, or just chill for the holiday, pastel color never goes wrong.

Winter Outfit

23 Cute Winter Outfits that Will Make You Look Amazing

There are so many ways to look eye-catching in winter as well as in other seasons. Precisely on the used of the outfit. The outfits might be only used in winter. These outfits are never outdated or finished through time. As long as winter still exists, these outfits still there in our wardrobe waiting for someone to finally use them.