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When you are so enjoying the dramatic fall trend at the end of this year, why not glance at the popular spring fashion trends. Starting from contemporary style, sexy, to playful, well facilitated and can be applied in Indonesia. Here are spring fashion trends in 2020.

Sequins are again a popular trend! Blouses or dresses studded with sequins and beads passing by in world fashion week. For every day, you can also choose metallic details to dress or just choose a blazer or midi skirt made from velvet shiny.

A sweater green with a long abstract skirt.
A beige coat with skinny pants, and a white top.
A grey coat with jeans shorts, and sling bag.
A black leather jacket, short patterned skirt with black high heels.
A yellow coat, black trousers with shiny black high heels.
A black turtleneck sweater, short jeans skirt with shiny black high heels.
A white sweater, long black skirt with black handbag.
A beige coat, striped shirt with trousers
light green sweater, jeans with pink high heels.
A black leather jacket, sweaters dress in a pink scarf.
A black blazer, black short skirt with black ankle boots.
A red coat, gray shirt with black trousers.
A checkered blazer, jeans shorts with black boots.
A beige coat, white sweater, short skirt jeans with black knee boots.
A striped tops, shorts, with brown flat and stockings.
A red blazer, black shirt, with long ripped jeans and white ankle boots.
A blue blazer, gray shirt, with long jeans
A fake fur jacket, short white skirt, with black high heels.

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A black jacket, long floral pattern, with silver high heels.
A long coat, long torn pants, with flats.
A jeans shirts, white pants with brown, handbags, and brown flats.
A patterned shirt, black pencil pants with a brown, handbag, and high heels.
A gray sweater patterned skirt with a patterned scarf.
A patterned blazer, white shirt with a red skirt, and black high heels.tops with
A white long coat, white with ripped jeans and brown shoes.
A striped dress, patterned shoes with navy sling bag
White shirt, gray sweater with striped short skirt.
A green blazer, jeans with brown high heels.
A white top, striped skirt with pink shoes.
A navy shirt, dark pants with leopard shoes.

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