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Nail art is simply an exciting topic to discuss. Though nails are the small part of your body, its beauty will support your whole look. The artistic way of putting color, painting, and decorating the nails which we know as a nail art has been famous for years. It can be applied for both fingernails or toenails. In this description, we will specify on toenails art. Women like applying it, especially in summer because they can free to go for a walk with sandals or open toe. There are some ideas of nail art to choose from. Some will be described below.

No matter your summer activity, applying attractive toenail art because you can leave it on display for everyone to see. Some toenail art designs look great with any size toenail. For those who like the look of luxury, bright colors can be an option. Colorful nail art will look attractive and attractive to women. Abstract patterns with neon colors are suitable for all skin tones, so don’t worry. With star designs, fish scales, and shells, your nail art will amaze everyone. Give a touch of glamor with glitter to make the results of toenail art more attractive. Adding fake pearls seems like a good idea. They can be added for bright or calm nail polish colors. In addition, the idea to have a cute cartoon design is also available for young people. You can even have a different favorite character for each nail. Furthermore, animal and flower designs give another impression that is more feminine and elegant. There are 25 nail art design ideas that you can try below. Check the following pictures and get inspired.

Fingernails with colorful foundation and added paintings of coconut trees.
A beautiful pastel base is combined with a sweet nail painting.
Short fingernails with a bohemian pattern.
Short fingernails with a dark gray base adorned with white and pink flowers.
Fingernails with a white base adorned with flowers and green leaves.
Cream color on fingernails combined with glitter and black paintings.
Grow beautiful black leaves from each of your nails with this beautiful design.
French pedicures are made more feminine with rows of gems along with the toes.
Pastel colors are greatly admired by all women in the world.
Get inspired by bohos with these bright and sweet bohemian striped patterns.
Sparkling style with two different tones.
Pink pedestal combined with silver decoration.
Marble-like nails are perfect for your style.
Perfect for the beach, this two-tone nail design will make you feel ready for warm weather in an instant.
Talk about beautiful! Nails with inverted purple accents give this pastel manicure a beautiful yet subtle touch.
Colorful wavy glitter pattern on your fingernails.
The coolest thing about your toes is that by changing it a little, it can change your whole appearance.
Decorate one or two nail accents with soft beads.
Decorate one or two nail accents with soft beads.
Fingernails attach incredible butterflies.
Turn your toes with 3D glitter decoration.
Bring the tropical holiday of your dreams to your feet with beads and pastel flowers.

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Colorful stripes of fun.
Short fingernails with cartoon-style unicorn design drawings.
White and cream combined with beautiful glitter.
with a pattern of thick flowers in complementary colors.

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Geometric accents combined with flowers.

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