24 Extraordinary Nail Art Ideas for Your Joyful Christmas Vibes

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Christmas vibes are on! Christmas songs, heart-warming family movies, Santa cakes, Christmas tree cookie, colourful candies, and the festive gifts. You can use it in completing the Christmas tree decoration. All the ambiance has done and all you want to do next is to doll yourself up. Then, this Christmas vibes will be perfectly complete. Just leave your kitchen, those home appliances, and decorations. You need to start making the Christmas vibes on you, by creating your extraordinary Christmas nail art. 

1. Five Different Patterns Nail Art

If you just can’t decide what pattern you want to put on your nails, then just put it all, why not? You can apply different colours like pink, red, and white. Afterward, feel free to explore different designs with statements or patterns that you want to create onto every nail. The glittery, shimmer, matte types of manicure can be applied in different nails. Then, the festive Christmas patterns like a polar bear, Christmas tree, the lights, or candy cane patterns can be your options as the statement for this Christmas Nail Art.

red bold nail art
white and black nail color with a touch of star motif
bold green nails with string lamp
black nail art patterned deer character
red nail polish with christmas hat motif
red bold nail with white star motif
green nail art with motif chevron
white and green nail art design

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2. Soft Teal Snowy Nail Art

Who says Christmas is only for red, white, and green nail polish? If you get too bored already with these colours, you can simply choose the other colours. Here, try the colours with snowy vibes. Apply soft teal colour as the background, then draw a snowman. Or, add a white polar bear in the centre of your nails. Create the vibes of snow onto your Christmas nail art and be the centre of attention at your Christmas party. Good luck! 

Patterned nail art snowman, Christmas tree, soft snowy pattern to welcome this year’s season. Then, add the glitter to your nails to make it looks cute.
Stand out blue nail art combined with blue glitter for your nails to make it looks harmonious.

Image Source

Glitter nails with snowy nail art motifs to make it looks memorable to welcome this year’s season.
Cute nail art with snowy motifs combined with blue glitter to make it looks memorable.
Inspiring nail almond shape in blue polish with snowy motifs to welcome this year’s season.
Cute white and black snow nail art which is suitable for your nail style in the current season for you to apply.
Bold red nail polish created with white snowy nail art motifs that you can try to beautify your nails.
Glitter nail inspiration by adding a snowy motif to make it looks cute.
untidy snow print are all you need if you are in a hurry
tiny pearls is like a manicure dream to have
tiny people on ski nails are all you needed to see today

Image Source

3. Matte-finished Christmas light Nail Art

Matte-Finished nail art will never fails to give an elegant look to your beautiful nail. Then, not only for the long nails but also the shorties. Here, just apply the matte as a base colour, then draw the Christmas lights. Then, with a connected wire from one nail to the other it is even more awesome. With this idea of Christmas nail art look, you will get elegant yet still festive vibes.

a combination of nail designs that are patterned to meet your style needs
Inspiring nail style for you to apply in the Christmas season with nude polish and paint on Christmas nail art lighting motifs.
An elegant nail art patterned in Christmas lighting in your nude polish nails that you can try to celebrate the Christmas season this year.
Bold green nails decorated with accessories shaped in Christmas nail art lighting to make it looks elegant if you apply it to your nails.
The inspiration for red glitter nails and nude polish that varied with Christmas lighting motifs to celebrate this year’s Christmas season.

Image Source

The nail art has done! Now, it is a good time for you to take the perfect dress that would match your beautiful nails. Then put on your festive Christmas makeup, too. And hey! It is always good to share your happy moments to others, isn’t it? Just grab your phone to take some cute selfies and post it to your Instagram. Merry Christmas, beauties!

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