Try These 24 Fun Eye Make Up Ideas to Get Your Ex Back

One of the perfect things to do to enjoy yourself is to play with makeup. The idea of exploring new styles of makeup for women would help to have fun with yourself. Well, these fun eye makeup ideas below would also be perfect for you to indirectly attract your ex back, instead of crying all night long in your bedroom, thinking about how to get him back to you. So, Let’s take your eye makeup brushes and have some fun!

1. Nude and Shimmery Simple Eye Makeup

Simply put your favorite nude color after applying the eye makeup primer. Use the darker shadow for the inner and outer corners, like brown or maroon. Then for the center, put the shimmery-nude eyeshadow you love, and blend it well using your blending brush. Remember, the blending is the key for this eye makeup style. The natural finished mascara will complete your eye makeup on, and then you are ready to put your lovely dress on. 

Shimmer eye makeup that cover up the nude eyeshadow that looks stunning and combined with brown lipstick color that displays a beautiful style.
Brown eye makeup on that gives the impression of elegance added with gold sparkle and brown lipstick color.
Women eye makeup in brown color combined with shiny black that makes you look charming.
Eye makeup that combines between the dark brown color and sparkle to give an extraordinary impression.
Eye makeup in gold sparkle that top of the nude eyeshadow combined with pink lipstick to make you look harmonious.
eye makeup using gold glitter and thick eye book combined with red nude lipstick
thick black eyelashes and gold eyelids combined with thick red lipstick

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2. Perfect Bold Smokey Eye Makeup

To show the other side of yourself, you should try this style. It is better to use a mate dark eye shadow pallet. With a slightly dark brown color on your crease after applying the primer, your smokey eye would be perfect with the bold colors. You can choose whether brown, dark navy or purple color for your eyelids, pick the dark color that fits you extraordinarily. Last, don’t forget about the curly long fake eyelashes to elevate your makeup even more. 

golden eyelids combined with your nude lips for your style
Your eyelids and lips are very thick for your makeup to be more confident
brown eyes and dark eyelids and your lips use nude lipstick
eyebrows and contact lenses are the same brown and your lips are nude for you to look beautiful
if you want to look beautiful and the focus point is to focus on your eyes and lips that you can put on thick
This dark eyelid looks beautiful if you mix it with thick red lips
Dark eyelid is inserted in silver to get a little interesting touch and will make you look pretty
a face that already looks natural and beautiful, you only need to give a little thin touch
You can apply your eyelids with brick red color as well as your lips by using red lipstick
beautiful eye makeup and you give a dark touch to your eyelids and festive your lips with pink
This dark eye makeup is suitable for you to apply on your face that looks smooth and beautiful, no need for strange makeup
Ombre eyelids are applied to suit your facial style and use red lipstick color for your face

image source

3. Glam and Glow Eye Makeup

For this style, take the brighter colours like red, orange, or neon green for the crease and the darker matched colour for the outer corner to be blend along with the black eyeliner. To enlarge your eyes, apply sharp winged eyeliners, curl your eyelashes and double apply your mascara. 

Eye makeup with a striking pink color combined with red neon lipstick that looks beautiful and perfect for your pink hair color.

image source

Pink eye makeup combined with dark red lipstick that adds your beauty.

image source

Pink eye makeup combined with sparkling white glitter and paired with perfect pink lipstick.
Purple eye makeup that combined with dark pink color and dark gray lipstick that is very charming.
Dark purple eye makeup with beautiful and shining pink glitter that paired with brown lipstick.

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These eye makeup for women’s ideas would be perfect for lifting your confidence up and gradually forget your sadness on your breakup. And hey, don’t forget to take some cute selfies to post on Instagram, so your ex would re-think about your relationship! Well, good luck, ladies!

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