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Are you get confused about the appropriate yet simple hairstyle you should have? Don’t you have any idea on what hairstyle you should have in both formal or casual event? You can try braid hairstyle, ladies. This hairstyle is artistically beautiful yet simple, you know. It can be applied for bot formal or casual look. Kids, ladies, or women can also have this kind of hairstyle to go anywhere, like office, hang out, to the party, or meeting. How stunning it is! For further ideas and occasions that you can have the braided hairstyle, you can read the following description.

Look elegant yet easy, it is the big point of braid hairstyle. It will make your appearance more perfect since it supports your whole look. Braid hairstyle can be applied for any type of hair, wavy, curly, or straight, both short and long, but longer hair gets better one. The asymmetrical goddess braid is the first example you can have. For a formal event, this braid style is very friendly applied. Twist from box braid is another braided hairstyle that has been a favorite for years. But, it is perfect to show off the curly hair perfection.

Large braids are loosely wrapped and rescued in a circular manner with the ends of braids.
This is one of the easy hairstyles that are cute and are best suited for casual wear.
One or two very loose braids at the end of the crown end up with low, messy bread in the back of the neck.
Braiding around the head is very loose on each side. The bottom of the two braids is left from the nape of the neck.
The braid starts at the top in front and continues to flow to the ends. In very long hair you have the option to pull the braids forward on both sides of the shoulder.
The braid starts on the opposite side and continues across the top and bottom towards the ear.
One side with a Dutch braid is carried near the head on each side.
Braids are very symmetrical and for very long hair or hair with extensions.
Easy hairstyles. Thick braids on the sides are left loose at the bottom and swept into horsetails.
Large twin braids curved downward.
Hair is tied to one side with only a part of the hair in the lower braids.
braids that do not touch the head are wounded to one side and secured downwards.
Clumps of hair are left framing the face and ponytail tied with a back tie to emphasize where the braids meet the ponytail.
Split middle, with two braids along the side of the crown and then braided very loosely down.

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Braiding from top to bottom.
Braids from bottom to top.
Braids to the side look very soft and sophisticated.
Asymmetrical braid hair that shows no tips except for a few curled wadding.
Braiding is placed straight at the top of the head.
Braids start on each side of the crown area.
Double braided front shoulder.
Dutch braids on both sides down to the nape of the neck.
Easy hairstyles that use pretty clips.
Pull all the hair into a loose ponytail.
The pigtails are adorable.
Thick braids on the sides are left loose at the bottom and are swept.
Thick Dutch braids lose on one side.
This braid looks very soft and loose.
Twin braids curved around the crown.
Two braids with icy blonde hair and a tattoo on the middle back.
With two braids along the side of the crown, they are braided very loose.
Two very loose braids.

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The next style is triangle box braid which is one of the unique sets of braid hairstyles. Just part your braids into triangles for a neat and unique look that stands out for your office hairstyle or party look. For those who have wavy hair, a wavy straight back braid can be their option. It is suitable for casual prevent like hanging out or vacation at the beach. Actually, you can express your creativity to have many styles of braid, like fishtail braid, curvy, jumbo, chunky, with bun and so on. So, you can make anyone who sees you get amazed by your braid hairstyle. You are possible to add some hair accessories like ribbon or pins to beautify your hairstyle. To get more unique yet stylish braid hairstyles, check the following pictures. Hope you enjoy and love them.

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