25 Types of Women’s Short Haircuts that Popular in 2020

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In addition to perfect makeup, the right haircut is also an important factor in terms of appearance. In recent years, short haircuts are getting popular among girls. The impression of sporty and easy going is the main consideration when the girls choose the haircut, the following picture of a haircut that you definitely like

Short Bangs

Short bangs with blonde and black colors.
Short bangs with black for short hair.
Short bangs with white for short hair.

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If you are a fashion hairstylist, it must be a short haircut banged on the top you often see.

Short Haircuts With Boy’s Style

Short haircuts with boy’s faded gray.
Short haircuts with boy’s red and black colors.
Short haircuts With boy’s purple for short hair.

image source

Short hair can be transformed into a feminine look beyond the long hair woman

Short Haircuts With Braids

The Fishtail Braid Short Hairstyle will look good with all kinds of dresses.
Side braid layered hairstyle.
Bob cut braided bangs.

image source

Hair braid is one of the most popular solutions for hair styling. No need to braid hair is complicated, with 2 circular hair ties that can also create a unique braid pattern.

Short Haircuts With 2 Color Variation

Blonde and black for Mohawk hair.

image source

Pink and black for short hair.

image source

Beige and black for short hair.

image source

Short hair is just a very beautiful chin adjacent to the oval face shape, but if you have a round face, we do not recommend it because it will make your face more round.

Short Haircuts With Bob haircut

Gray-beige blonde bob with blue balayage.
Short straight bob haircuts for thick brunette hair.
Blonde bob with horizontal band highlighting.

image source

Bob hairstyle is a favorite hairstyle for short hairstyles. Some variations of bob hairstyle such as unsymmetrical bob and long shoulder-length bob must be your reference.

Short Korean style

Short bob cut with bangs for short hair.
Brown Bob for short hair.
Choppy bob with bangs for short hair.

image source

Short Korean haircut is a coveted Korean and k-pop drama lover, a wealth of sources that can be used as a reference in choosing short haircuts.

Short Curls

Short curly cut with sweeping side bangs.
Short curls can often appear soft and feminine.

image source

A bold take on the traditional pixie cut,
Bob and bangs are looking a little messy.

image source

If you can take advantage of a curly hair structure that has the impression messy, you do not have to bother to blow the hair and spend expensive to the hair salon.

Short wavy haircut

Short wavy haircuts for short pieces.
Cute pixie hairstyle for short pieces.
The front smooth hair with different layers.

image source

This model can make hair volume quickly. A little play on changes in the hair and bangs can have a huge impact.

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