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24 Long Baggy Cardigans Tips for Soirée

A cardigan for the soiree? Since it is known for its casual character, never in a million ways many people put it in the top list as an outfit for soirée, or a formal and exclusive party. However, in fashion, there is no limit, and the long baggy cardigans for soirée is not a flying pig.

28 Classy Parisian Outfits for Woman

Lavish staff speaks for themselves and you do not need to tell all the people distinctly. For the Parisians, being exclusive is not only about the brand but about how you wear the pieces. Following the latest thing for many people is considered the right way to be stylish. The point is, being a trend followers a.k.a slave is not the same as being fashionable.

26 Classy Women Style Colection

It is possible to also have a look at this Bikini Top. With these basic stitches it’s possible to make a stunningly straightforward bikini top to wear all summer long! If you really feel like it then you could also make additional swimwear, like the girls’ bikini below, which I made from our kids’ underwear collection.

24 Most Trendy Winter Street Style Ideas

Get fashionable in winter with your thick outfits is sometimes challenging. In general, there are hundreds of street style that will bring you to a maximal look. But despite of the chilly temperature, you are possible to look stylish with your warm or layered street style.

30 Most Popular Winter Makeup Ideas that Will Make You More Beautiful

Your makeup can represent the joy of a cold season. Additionally, you are possible to choose simpler makeup or the bold one. It depends on your need and events.

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