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Just like the office outfit, business event is not something that you can underestimate related to the look you have for attending it. Here, your look will represent your quality in front of your client sometimes. That is why to know exactly on your event, the client characteristic is important to decide the outfit you are going to wear. To help you know on outfits you can wear, here we provide some references for you.

Elegant Look

Something shiny will be really effective to create an elegant office outfit and luxury look. This time, what we have here is the knee-length skirt with shiny fabric material. In hence, the pleated style for this skirt will give the unique impression that will be great when combined with the shine. In case you don’t want to look too stand out, simply wear the long sleeve turtleneck t-shirt.

Chill Look

For the office outfit, doesn’t mean that you have to wear something formal. Basically you can have the casual one as long as you can manage on the accessories and other outfit complement. That will be really important to make your casual outfit looks appropriate. Look at this brown sweater suit which really casual yet trendy for your office look.

Chic Look

You won’t be failed when wearing the blazer and trousers for your working outfit. Anyway, you can manage to have the trendy one by choosing on the fabric material and pattern. This red and black plaid suit is awesome especially with the wide leg trousers style. Then, choose white inner, clutch, and heels for the harmonious one.

Classy Look

White long sleeve turtleneck is great to be applied for any inner of your working outfit. In hence, it matches well when combined with the wrapping dress to create the classy office outfit. Not to make it boring, you can choose the one with pattern. In this case, the striped pattern is the common one and right choice for you.

Basic Look

Coat is really proper for you working outfit as well. It can even used to be the substitute of the blazer. In this case, plaid could be your choice as it not boring yet not too much. Combine it with black tight trousers and white shirt. The neutral colors outfit here can calming down the coat so that your appearance won’t look crowded.

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Stand Out Look

It can’t be argued that red and black could be a really good match for an outfit. Besides for the appealing impression, it also really stand out that can cover your confidence. Moreover, the leather hand bag will match well with this stand out outfit to really make your look perfect. At last, top off your look with the matching color shawl.

Feminine Look

The floral shirt is really harmonious with the floral knee boots. Get the pleated wide skirt as the bottom wear and sweater to layer your shirt. Since the shirt and boots have been in the colorful one, then wear the neutral color for the layer and skirt to calm down your outfit tone.

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Casual Look

Leather jacket can also utilized as the substitute for the coat and blazer. You can even get the trendy and casual business outfit look by wearing leather jacket. To strengthen the fierce impression, wear the all black outfit for the top wear and bottom wear. Then, for the shoes, you can choose the other color not to make you look too boring in one single color.

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