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If you start to think that your office look is getting bored and need to scale up your performance, it would be better if you try to re-branding your look into something new. In fact, it is needed as a solution to improve your performance in your office because it really helps you to increase your confidence.

Improving on the way you look in office could be a solution too compared with other solutions. You can try to wear a suit set, like a blazer, tie-bow blouse, straight leg trouser for your casual office look. Then, what is the different between the office look before? You can distinguish them with the color and the pattern choosing. Choose more light and soft colors. Not only about the color choosing but also the pattern of the suit set. Pick the up-to-date pattern, which is simple, neat and firm. Or, you can change your style to classy office look, elegant office look, and more.

Long Sleeve Marron ft. Grey Long Wide Leg Trouser
Pink Long sleeve tie-neck blouse matches with black skirt and also black stocking
A Black V-neck Longsleeve ft. White Window Pane Plaid
Soft blue suit set with white blouse as an inner
plaid shirt with dark blue trouser and dark blue jacket
Black v-neck top combines with black standard fit trouser
White wide neck inner with grey suit set
Simple look: black patterned silky v-neck blouse with brown seven eight trouser

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awning inner combines with electric blue blazer and white folded trouser
Chic outfit: brown inner with camel coat and black skirt
White-off outfit from inner, jacket and seven eight trouser
White-off long v-neck bishop blouse with terracotta button skirt
Cute look with soft purple trench coat and white inner and white trouser
Soft flowy pink dress
Trendy look by combining white long sleeve turtleneck with deep blue double breasted tench coat and white skinny jeans
White color theme from blazer to skinny jeans match with colorful highheels
Simple look of white long sleeve shirt and black trouser
Simple outfit combination between white t-shirt inner and beige coat and white skinny jeans
Black three four sleeve top combines with soft blue wrap skirt
White v-neck inner combines with grey coat and black regular fit trouser
White bishop top and brown trouser

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White tie bow blouse combines with grey coat and blue regular fit jeans
White long sleeve shirt combines with brown leather jacket and brown front single pleated skirt
Dark blue velvet suit set
White wide v-neck as the inner of long sleeve grey sweater and black wide leg trouser
Plaid blouse combines with soft pink coat and black skirt
Unsleeve flowy terracotta long dress combines with white long sleeve shirt
White long sleeve turtleneck combines with grey unsleeve coat, black short skirt and black over knee boot
white-off notched long sleeve as the inner combines with plaid top and boot cut trouser
Brown double breasted trench coat and leather skinny fit trouser
Black rider jacket and red accordion pleated skirt
Simple rider jacket and peach flowy skirt
Soft pink coat combines with white inner and soft purple folded jeans
Knitted turtleneck as the inner, black rider jacket and dark blue skirt
Terracota pointed flat collar dress combines with black stocking
Beige long sleeve top with dark blue accordion pleated skirt
Black Long v-neck blouse with pencil skirt
Long sleeve sweater combines with dark green blazer with ruffle short skirt
White long sleeve shirt with ruffle ornament combines with blue denim and black over-knee boot
Three four plaid top and blue plaid wrap skirt match with high boot
All outfit in one color. White-off coat and the similar color of jumpsuit
Grey One button blazer with regular fit jeans
White Flounce as inner and pin-check blazer and black trouser
White long sleeve as the inner and colarless blazer and skinny pant
channel blazer as the outer of brown inner and marron boot-cut trouser
White tie-neck poet blouse with black blazer and black skinny jeans
White shirt as the inner of black coat, short flowy skirt and black regular fit trouser
nice combination: light purple blazer as the outer of deep grey dress and white long sleeve shirt as inner
Cute combination between brown blazer, white long sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans

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Another outfit that you can improve is skirt. There are so many kinds of skirt. Wearing short skirt is the favorite outfit for some years ago or maybe until now. But, we would to give you another options. You can try to wear a midi length pencil skirt. Then, combine it with visible white shirt and angkle boot. Add a small belt as an accessory. Do not forget to choose colors that unusual or out of your zone.

In conclusion, since the outfit can scale up your confiedence, so it is so necessary to be well-prepared. Color choosing might make your look more different and fresh than before. Actually, it is not really necessary to buy some new outfits, because you can mix and match all your office outfit that you have already had with casual outfit in your wardrobe. So, it is tricky yet challenging and hopefully you can deal with it for very soon.

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