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30 Chic Professional Outfits with Flats You’ll Adore

In fashion, shoes are a must-have item that can make women look charming and stylish. In addition to high heels, flat shoes are often chosen because of their comfort. Then, how to look stylish but professional with flats? Follow the tips below!

1. Pencil Skirt with Flats

Pair a pencil skirt with flats to create a more feminine look. This style also makes women look cute. Further, you can wear flat shoes with ribbon accents for a sweet and elegant impression. If you want to play “safe”, black flats are easy to blend into any styles.

Brown leather skirt to combine with a brown shirt with heart pattern and comes with a unique pattern of flat shoes for your comfort.
All in black outfit by using black pencil skirt and simple flat shoes. To make it looks elegant you can add white handbag.
light blue mini skirt that is suitable for work and you can adjust the color of your flatshoes to make it look similar

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Green pencil skirt with soft pink top wear combined with a leather jacket. Then, to make it more harmonious you can wear white flat shoes.
Floral skirt and white blouse combined with black leather jacket to enhance your appearance. For the foot wear you can wear pretty flat shoes.
white mini skirt and pink blouse and the bottom you can use a beige flat shouse to look neutral
stripe mini skirt and combined with dark blue blouse and brown leather flat shoes for comfortable
pencil skirt patterned and combined with white sleeveless blouse and black flatshoes

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black mini skirt pencil and knitted dark knitted sweaters are suitable for your work and add black flatshoes
Yellow skirt and polka dot blouse combined with black cardigan and tiger patterned flat shoes. To complete the style you can add dark blue handbag.

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2. Boyfriend Jeans with Flats

If your workplace doesn’t have strict dress codes, go for boyfriend jeans. Then set your look with a nice dress shirt, coat, or blazer to create more professional impression.

Here, the blue boyfriend jeans looks really harmonious with the white shirt and blue blazer. Add it with scarf in blue color variation.
Even when the foot wear looks really feminine, but this look has casual impression. It is because the jeans and white knitted cardigan are really casual.

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long stripe shirt with denim pant and the bottom using leopard flatshoes
black overcoat and denim pants and flat shoes two colors
Ripped jeans combined with black coat can match well with black flat shoes because of the neutral color.

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3. Dress with Flats

A dress is one of the best business casual attires that you must have in your closet. Aside from making you look more feminine, simple motifs are so sweet. Then, if it is possible it’ll be greater if you combine it with the ankle strap flats. What’s not to love about this combination!

stripe red dress combined with denim jacket and leopard flatshoes
white dress combined with a long black shirt and black flats house
Black slit dress can combined with unique jacket motif and black flat shoes so that your appearance looks elegant. Then, you can add classy handbag as the additional accessory.
Floral dress and grey cardigan combined with pink cute flat shoes will make you look beautiful.
Hexagon dress motif combined with soft pink over cardigan. To make you feel comfortable in your daily activities you can wear your flat shoes.
Sleeveless grey dress which is really gorgeous. To make it looks harmonious, you can wear gold flat shoes then add sling bag and necklaces to complete your style.
Striped dress and black cardigan can be really comfortable if you combine it with black flat shoes.

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4. Beige Trench with Flats

A beige trench is a classic must-have for your work wear. Featuring a classy cut, it is easy to blend with many patterns. For a perfect result, wear your beige trench with flats and checkered shirts. This combination is surely perfect for those who like to experiment with fashion.

Beige trench with brown flat shoes. To match it well you can wear white trousers to make it look beautiful.

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Beige coat and black denim to inspire your style, you can add black slingbag accessories and sunglasses and at the bottom you can wear flat shoes that match your outfit
Beige coat with striped T Shirt as the inner and blue denim look really harmonious as the outfit.

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5. Plaid Pants with Flats

You will love this cute combination. Beautiful cap-toe flats are combined with casual plaid pants. This woman’s work outfit will certainly make you look more attractive. Also, use accessories like a golden chain necklace or a leather belt with a decorative buckle.

Beige overcoat and white blouse combined with plaid pants and light blue flat shoes to make it looks pretty.

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White T Shirt and black cardigan with plaid pants for your style inspiration, then add it with black flat shoes.

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You can create your normal clothes by wearing beige blazer and black T shirt combined with plaid pants and flat shoes so that you are comfortable when go outside.
The plaid pants combined with dark blue blazer and flat shoes in the same color.

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Inspiring business clothes by wearing a plaid trouser and denim shirt combined with black knit sweater. To make it looks harmonious, you can wear red flat shoes for the foot wear.

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Now flats have many types, ranging from pointed, Mary Jane, to square shoes. So, if you are tired of wearing high heels, switch to flat shoes.