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Are you get bored on how your office look like? Or does your current mood request you to be more relax? Maybe you need to change your office outfit to make you to be more relax and could refresh your working mood. Try to be a casual person in office by wearing casual business outfit. Try it and maybe it will works on you.

Wearing Jeans

Do not worry to wear jeans in office. Since your working performance is all the matter then you are free wearing jeans as working outfit. Try to be more playful like wearing ripped jeans with folded part at the bottom. You also can try to wear skinny jeans with some ornaments or patterns like a butterfly icon which is patched on your jeans. It is so interesting.

Dark blue ripped jeans with folded at the bottom combines with blazer and scarf then really make you in casual office look.
Simple casual look by wearing dark grey blazer, white v-neck t- shirt, and black jeans.
Trendy look by combining ripped and folded blue jeans with plaid blazer as the outer and white top as the inner plus gold necklace as the accessory.
Eye-catching look by wearing bright orange blazer combines with v-neck top and folded jeans with butterfly icon patched on.
Super easy casual business outfit: skinny and ripped jeans combines with camel blazer and long scarf and white top.
Blue knitted top with soft pink jacket combine with blue pattern ripped jeans
What a chic look by wearing blue ripped amd folded jeans with black.blazer and white long v-neck as inner top
Over long deep blue jeans with red jacket and broken white babydoll
So casual look with blue ripped jeans combines with black slip shoes and black long blazer
Casual yet elegant look by wearing white channel jacket and blue folded jeans
Dark blue jeans combines with red jacket and white v-neck t-shirt
Cute look by wearing white blazer and black top and also ripped and folded blue jeans

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Wearing Sneakers

Yes, indeed this footwear really make your look more casual instantly. Moreover, sneakers allow you to work more flexible and lively. You can combine this footwear with jeans, skirt, or seven-eight trouser. So, finally your office look would be more trendy and eye-catching.

Pattern blazer as the outer of white long sleeve shirt and also black jeans plus oxford shoes to complete the casual look.

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All black color outfit from black inner, black rider jacket then complete it with pink sneaker
White t-shirt and black jacket for top outfit and black jeans ft. White sneaker as the
Simple look by combining beige trench coat and blue ripped jeans and white sneaker
Cool business look by wearing black long coat, dark brown leather jacket, black skirt combines with black fishnet and sneaker
Simply yet so casual look by wearing white shirt and black jeans also sneaker plus colorful scarf

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White-off jacket and beige pencil trouser then combine them with sneaker
Nice casual business outfit: grey blazer with plaid shirt and combine them with white jeans and white sadle shoe.
A camel suit from blazer to trouser with white t-shirt plus white sneaker
A trendy look by wearing plaid suit woth sneaker

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Finally, All those outfit are fitable to make you more casual on your business time. You definitely can combine those with blazer or jacket as the outer and blouse or shirt as inner top. Do not forget to combine with other accessories like hat or scarf. In additional, wearing flat shoes or heels are optional yet it is important to be well-prepared to support your whole look.

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