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You don’t need to push yourself to wear the casual office outfit just to have the easy movement. If you love something pretty and feminine, then you can always have it for your overawe office look. In hence, to create the feminine look, you can wear the skirt or dress that will never fail you to have the pretty look. Then, if you want the easy movement outfit, you can choose the short one or the skirt and outfit in wide bottom cut.


In wearing the dress, you can simply wear the dress without any additional cloth if you think that the dress is proper enough. But, if you want nore courteous look, you combine your dress with shirt as the inner. Or, you can wear layering clothes like blazer or cardigan. Well, anyway to add the dress with layering or inner will be depends on the event you wilk attend. The point is that, make sure that you always adjust your outfit based on the needs.

The tassel for this dress can really effectively create the elegant look for your office outfit. Add with blazer and leather bag to strengthen the look impression.
Red wine dress in long sleeve cut will be match if you pair it with white shirt that the collar exposed.
Horizontal striped dress in bright but calm color is really match with the white blazer. For more elegant look, wear the necklace.
Vertical striped short dress in sleeveless style can be pretty yet elegant. In hence, the way the belt applied is really unique and stand out.
Dark yellow short skirt will be perfect for your elegant office look when you combine it with the necklace and big handbag.
This black dress has the wrapping style which is really awesome. Then, the heels in black color can really make this appearance really harmonious.
The plaid sleeveless short dress here paired with the plaid blazer which is really harmonious. Here, you will need to have the long sleeve inner to complete the sleeveless dress.
The gold belt here becomes the vocal point of this blue short dress. With the jewellery added for this outfit, you can get a very elegant look.
The belt that this short dress has makes it looks like a wrapping dress style. In light grey color, it will be great if you combine it with the nude heels.
Not only having the dots, this black short dress also has the plaid pattern to be filled with the dots. Wear the black and gold heels color to keep you look glamorous.
White ivory dress in V neck style is really pretty especially when combined with the black belt not to make it boring. Then, the nude peach heels will make this appearance looks perfect.

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Skirt is something common when talking about the working outfit. Not only feminine, you can also get the classy look. In having the skirt as the working outfit, you should combine it with the proper top wear. The examples of the top wear you can have are the blouse, shirt, or by wearing the layering clothes like blazer. Moreover, you can also have the vest that combined with blouse or shirt.

With the same skirt and blazer color, you will definitely has the harmonious look. However, for the perfect look, you’ll need the inner where black is the best choice for you.
Peach seems really pretty to wear for your business look. In this case, you can simply combining the white inner and blazer to be paired with your peach skirt.

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To keep your body warm or to give the polite impression, adding the black stocking for your black short skirt will be really appropriate. Then, wear the white blazer to fit your black bottom wear.
Even for the office look, you can also wear t-shirt for sure. What you have to do here is just combining it with the proper skirt and heels.

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Red brocade is really pretty yet stand out for your office look. Then, to calm down the color, combine it with white top wear.
This paterned cleavage skirt is really awesome especiallyvwith the colors combination that applied. Wear the vest and blouse for your elegant top wear.
Black and white striped knee length skirt not only trendy but also elegant when you apply it for your office outfit. Then, the black top wear will be the best pairing for this skirt.
Green pleated skirt is pretty yet elegant when you add it with the black belt. Wear the sweater if you don’t want to look too formal.
This light brown buttoned skirt is perfect paired with black sleeveless top wear.
Buttoned short skirt here made to be harmonious with the buttoned layering clothes. Both are made in black color that added with black flats.

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At last, all of your outfit won’t be perfect if you don’t combine it with proper accessories. Let’s say that you should wear the girly bag where the common one is the hand bag. Then, don’t forget to choose heels or flats with the harmonious color and style. In hence, you might also need to wear the watch, earing, and necklace if needee. Go get your faminine working outfit for your pretty look!

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